I want to thank you for being such a great help to me and my children. I am a single mother of 3. I was struggling with self-confidence, drive, and a vision. Now, not only do I have a vision, but I have a vision with a purpose. I came in this program ready to give every excuse on why I should feel sorry form myself and have a pity party. Never the thought of meeting such phenomenal women and gentlemen that have helped me look at life, gain perspective, and tackle every obstacle. I thank you for the push, words of encouragement, and the attitude of "I CAN DO IT"!

This organization is amazing! I enjoy the strong empowered women that I've had the pleasure of meeting. Everything was a learning moment. They have and will do anything to help the parents and children. From the books to the care, there has been nothing but love shown. Thank you for everything.

The First Steps program is amazing! I learned so much in enhancing my role as mother with my children. I also learned how to communicate a lot better than what I was used to in general and with my little ones. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs assistance and guidance. Ms. Sanders, Dr. Fludd, and Mrs. Jenkins are God sent and really care. I appreciate everything I've taken away from our sessions. I'm entirely grateful.

First Steps not only provides financial assistance, but also provides wonderful educational classes. These educational classes provide information on actual life and how to apply these things. Creating a better today to be life changing for tomorrow. This program ensures that my child is developing on level. The fact that the child care centers provided is clean and safe. I was taught what curriculum to look for once you enter a center. Getting reassurance to complete school. Knowing my actions affect not only my future but my children, and getting information to continue. Thank you for your love and support.

Ever since First Steps starting helping us and we started Wright's Day Care, my son has grown awesomely and become very smart and very active and loving. Thank you!

The class has taught me a lot about taking more time out with my kids. It also taught me that I need to listen and communicate more with them.

The First Steps program has really been a great stepping stone for myself and my son! I'm so thankful for First Steps because I can pursue my career and work hard to obtain better stability for my son and I, all while my son gets a learning experience at his learning institution.







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